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Complimentary Seminars

At Sterling Wealth Strategies, our decades of experience in the financial industry has proven that most people fail to plan, not plan to fail.  Many individuals, families and business owners are simply not aware of all their insurance and financial planning needs or options until it is too late.  Our goal is to take the proactive educational approach when it comes to providing customized solutions for our clients with the mission to protect their nest egg and ultimately their legacy.

Although an informative seminar is one of the most effective ways to educate a group, most people are hesitant due to the high pressure cost and commitment associated with it.  At SWS we are committed to providing complementary seminars to various size groups for educational purposes only, without any further commitment, other than knowing that some value was provided to our local community.

We partner with various size companies:

  • companies with employee benefits
  • companies without employee benefits
  • non-profit groups
  • schools
  • community groups
  • medical and dental practices
  • government workers
  • retiree services

The topic is focused on the Four Cornerstones of Retirement. Discussions based on the past, present, and future costs associated with Health care, Long Term Care (post hospital services), Life insurance (tax free and tax deferred options) and Investment services (fixed, indexed and variable).

A one hour presentation has proven to protect a lifetime of financial worries associated with the challenges of economy and the life cycle.  Our goal is to have attendees leave informed knowing that Sterling Wealth Strategies can always be a reliable resource.