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Sterling Wealth Strategies protects thousands of individuals, families, and small businesses on an annual basis in multiple states with the planning and solution phase related to wealth accumulation and preservation. A Penn Mutual Company, we offer the perfect blend of the broker and career agency system for both insurance and financial services. 170 years strong, this Mutual company values their policy holders FIRST by placing customized plans designed for proactive retirement financial planning. In addition to providing protection, our whole life policy holders have received a portion of our annual company profits, known as dividends for over a century.

Our reputation stands strong as one of the nations’ top Life insurance carriers and the only mutual company who has maintained “a no decrease payout” for 10 years of dividends to our policyholders. As a leading Life and Annuity company, our unique model supports partnering up with a brokerage outlet for other financial realities. Additional insurance products such as health, critical illness, disability and long term care protection. Penn Mutual is proud to own one of the leading investment financial software known as LEAP (used by competing insurance companies), ACE (accelerated client experience) allowing up to $5 million of life insurance protection within 48 hours; without pulling medical records and additional policy holder examinations. Our internal broker dealer, HTK (Horner, Townsend and Kent) includes all investment product lines and services for Registered Representatives, aligned strategically to provide a secondary training and support system for guaranteed professional success.

Our vision is to strive for explosive growth by attracting likeminded individuals seeking a career in our industry. We select candidates whom have exemplified a successful track record in both their personal and professional backgrounds, ready to take their career to greater heights. With our elite support and training, our mission is to facilitate a career path for our advisers by making dreams a reality for the purpose of building a practice of their own.

Your goal as a licensed professional will be to maintain and protect the financial stability and interest of your clients for today and many years to come. Developing relationships based on trust, honesty and integrity.