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The Future Innovators - Millenials

To survive and ultimately succeed in sales, requires a list of skillsets; some internal while others learned. Without the ability to multi-prospect, adapt to continuous change and welcome creativity; a career considered to be revolutionary to some will become a lost battle to others.

Millennial expectations, values and competence is changing the American workplace, redefining the way we work and putting pressure on businesses to adapt in order to remain competitive. A career in sales is the perfect match for Millennials. By 2020, roughly half of the American workforce will be Millennials and companies in the sales industry plan to increase hiring sales associates by 36%.

Millennials prioritize their autonomy and personal development opportunities over their paycheck which is ideal for a career in sales since income fluctuation is common and sustaining consistency demands a stronger shift in personal investment and self-growth. It is stated that over 88% of these innovators have expressed the desire to either work with entrepreneurs or start a business of their own. There are several attributes in which this generation has shifted how companies are approaching the sales process:

  • The ability to multi-task and need for variety
  • Independent mindset with the pursuit for new ideas
  • Flexibility in communication related to data platforms
  • Rapid adoption and adaptation to technological change

Known as the digital natives, technology and the speed to which they adapt is far beyond any generation prior, allowing them to reach out to prospects via social media channels to bring awareness and create instantaneous changes with mass marketing at their fingertips. Whether we were ready for it or not, these innovators have created social change, where one must quickly understand, adapt and embrace our society’s point of view in order to continue to do what our industry does best... protect people by maximizing benefits and protecting assets for generations to come.